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Keep your head warm in a women’s puffer jacket with a hood

If you’re looking for a warm jacket to explore nature in this winter, you can’t go wrong with a womens puffer jacket with hood. Columbia’s womens puffer jacket are wonderfully lightweight and breathable, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor adventures for as long as you’d like. Add a cosy insulated hood to that, and you’ll keep both yourself and your ears warm and toasty.


Our hooded puffer jackets are available in a wide range of designs and colours, including black, light pink, light grey, khaki colour, olive green and lilac. We have a large selection of puffer jackets with high protective collars, but many of us enjoy the added warmth and protection that a hood brings to the game. Hooded puffer coats deliver a wide coverage of warmth to your head and body. What’s more, Columbia hooded puffers are lightweight because of their light insulation. This makes them packable and easy to store and transport.

Some puffers also have waterproof features, and you can choose between waterproof or water resistant. We’ve found that other branded waterproof jackets are often described with technical terms that are hard to understand. We don’t think it should be hard to understand your clothing, so we’ve divided our clothes into four easily understandable waterproof levels: Drizzle, rain, downpour and deluge. Just zip up your jacket and pockets and keep yourself and your items safe and dry.

RDS-certified down or synthetic insulation

To make sure you’re as warm as possible during the cold winter months, your hooded puffer coat will be padded with one of two kinds of insulation. Our two insulation options are synthetic polyester insulation or down which has been certified to the Responsible Down Standard (RDS).

Ethical and sustainable manufacturing practices are essential to us. We also believe the welfare of animals is something all brands with down products should care about. For that reason, all down jackets in our collections only use RDS-certified down. We ensure that our supply chain is verified for responsible sourcing and expect our manufacturing partners to have the same standards. Our supply chain is also traced from the raw materials’ source to the finished product.

Omni-Heat™ reflective technology

When you’re about to tackle an outdoor adventure during the colder season, you don’t want to just stand the weather, you want to enjoy it. The key is to wear one of our hooded puffer jackets with Columbia’s advanced thermal-reflective technology. Let’s take a quick look at how these technologies ensure that you stay warm and toasty in freezing conditions.

Omni-Heat™ Reflective technology boosts heat retention by utilising small silver dots which reflect body heat. The efficiency of this tech also makes it possible to create more lightweight clothing. That means that you can move about with ease and skip wearing a lot of stuffy layers on your next visit to the great outdoors.

Omni-Heat™ 3D brings heat to the next dimension, using new silver reflector patterns which increase coverage. The tech also delivers next-to-skin comfort by making use of small pods of soft fibres that create an air gap between your body and the fabric.

Omni-Heat™ Black Dot jackets are equipped with an industry-first external thermal shield and black dots that trap solar heat. This gives you maximum outside-in thermal efficiency.

Last but not least, Omni-Heat™ Infinity is Columbia’s highest body-heat reflection technology and delivers instant warmth. However, warmth is not everything. Our thermal-reflective technology jackets are all very breathable, letting you stay active on your nature quest. Keep dry inside and out, as moisture and excess warmth can escape through this breathable fabric.

Which hooded puffer will suit you the best?

If you want to find the perfect hooded puffer for you, don’t be quick to buy the first jacket you stumble across. Browse through the styles, features and colours available in our collection. Consider if you prefer a shorter puffer jacket or a puffer coat of a longer length. Do you like a more fitted coat or one with a looser fit?

How warm do you need your jacket to be? Our padded jackets come in three easy-to-understand categories: light warm, warm and extremely warm. Apart from being available in different colours, warmth levels and designs, our hooded puffer jackets also come in many different sizes, from XS to XXL.

What kind of activity do you want your jacket for? Are you going on a winter cycling adventure with your friends? Throw a shorter puffer jacket over a sweatshirt or one of our gilets with pockets for all your gear, and you’re ready to mount one of your bikes.

Are you hitting the slopes this winter? Sure, you could go for a jacket with proper ski features from our ski jackets women collection, but one of our hooded puffers will also do the job. Just pack up that lightweight puffer, swap a skiing jumpsuits for a waterproof outer-layer with your ski equipment, and you’re good to go.

If you’re heading back to the city, just replace gilets or knitted cardigans with a puffer jacket and you’re ready for an urban adventure. Or throw your stylish hooded puffer over a blazer for a more exclusive look. No matter the occasion, a puffer jacket with a hood will keep you warm all winter long.

Whether you’re buying a puffer for yourself or as a gift for someone you love, think about these questions. That way, you’re sure to buy a hooded jacket that will be the perfect adventure companion next time it’s time to hit the trail!

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And don’t forget to check out our mens puffer jacket collection to explore our line of insulated mens jackets.

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Womens Puffer Jacket With Hood to Keep Warm in | Columbia Sportswear® (2024)


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