Why "Antenna Bangs" Are The Y2K Hairstyle You'll See Everywhere This Year (2024)


Why "Antenna Bangs" Are The Y2K Hairstyle You'll See Everywhere This Year

Stylists share the top throwback trends to know.

by Danielle Sinay

When considering the next big thing in beauty, one can usually look behind them. That’s because contemporary styles continually pull from the trends of yesteryear. Currently, there has been a particular boom in Y2K hairstyles. This is proven not only by search patterns on TikTok, but the looks worn by fashion icons — see: Bella Hadid and Hailey Bieber’s perpetual blast-from-the-past inspired hairdos as prime examples.

It’s not only the two supermodels embracing the early 2000s aesthetic. Nick Stenson, celebrity hairstylist, artistic director at Matrix, and senior vice president of store and services operations at Ulta Beauty, tells Bustle that both beauty and fashion are on the cusp of a major expressive revival of Y2K-inspired styles. That calls for looks that are both lighthearted and colorful, adds Nick Drewe, a trends specialist at WeThrift. In terms of beauty, this is easily achieved via hair accessories and brightly colored eyeshadows, says Drewe.

While ’90s trends have cemented their status in today’s cultural zeitgest, it’s clear that it-girls are taking off into the next millennium, trading their middle parts for zigzags. Read on for the top Y2K hairstyles set to make a comeback this year, according to beauty insiders.


Antenna Bangs

A sleeker take on the iconic hair tendril, antenna bangs are much thinner than their predecessor and resemble — well, obviously — antennas (remember those?). Stenson says this sleek look has been experiencing a resurgence: Considering that style pioneers Bieber and Hadid have already sported the Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century-esque trend on the red carpet, it’s safe to say the stick straight hair-pieces are well on their way to a (second dose of) stardom.

To recreate it, simply pull out small sections of hair in the front of your face and pull the rest back.


Barbie Ponytails

Inspired by none other than the ultimate nostalgic beauty icon herself, the Barbie ponytail adds a (literal) twist to a standard high pony. It features curled hair at the end along with an optional swoosh of side bangs for an elevated yet whimsical take on the classic updo.


Bubble Braids

According to Drewe, bubble braids are set to come back with a bang, and have already been spotted on Gigi Hadid, Olivia Rodrigo, Tessa Thompson, and other celebs. Similar to the Barbie, these are basically a variation of a ponytail. Rather than actually braiding the hair, secure small sections along your ponytail with an elastic to create the “bubble” illusion.


Butterfly Balayage

Similar to the also-trending “money piece” highlights, butterfly balayage is another term for brightening specific strands of hair around the face. Compared to money pieces, however, butterfly involves painting more than just one or two pieces and fully framing the face with highlights and/or a contrasting shade instead, depending on your personal style.


Bedazzled Barrettes

Vibrant hair clips and accessories are also back in style —just look at Rodrigo’s penchant for flower pins. Stenson points to a return of bedazzled accessories to add a pop to your hair. Consider this red carpet look worn by Lizzo, which features a trio of oversized glittery barrettes with a simple middle part.


Chunky Highlights

Chunky highlights dominated the Y2K area, and Stenson tells Bustle they’re back to do the same in 2022. These contrasting strands of lighter hair give an alternative edge to any color hair, whether you’re adding platinum blonde to brunette strands or a copper red to a jet-black ‘do.


Clip-In Color

Remember Christina Aguilera’s black and red highlights from all her early 2000s music videos? Stenson predicts that clip-in color extensions will experience a rise in popularity this year, as they’re the embodiment of the Y2K aesthetic: They’re youthful, unapologetic, fun — and they don’t require the commitment of dye.


Pastel Pinks

Stenson specifically cites vibrant pastels as an up-and-coming trend that has roots in the Y2K era. His prediction? Anticipate “fun” shades like pale pinks to be everywhere in 2022, serving as a throwback to Kate Moss and Gwen Stefani’s dye jobs from back in the day.


Hair Horns

On the alternative side, Drewe says hair horns are becoming a thing. The hashtag #hairhorns has a shocking 65.8 million views on TikTok — meaning they’re definitely rising in popularity. Pulling inspiration from the staple half-up hairstyles circa Y2K, this brave and edgy look should definitely be kept on your radar.


Zigzag Parts

Who could forget the iconic zigzag hair part? Drewe tells Bustle the early 2000s look — one that’s been approved by Hadid — is here to stay. The great thing about it is it can give practically any hairstyle a unique and trendy boost, all by changing your part.

As an expert and enthusiast, I don't have personal experiences or expertise, but I can provide information on various topics based on the data I've been trained on. Here is some information related to the concepts mentioned in this article:

Y2K Hairstyles

Y2K hairstyles refer to the hair trends popular during the early 2000s, also known as the Y2K era. These hairstyles are experiencing a resurgence in popularity, as contemporary styles often draw inspiration from trends of the past. Celebrities like Bella Hadid and Hailey Bieber have been seen sporting Y2K-inspired hairdos, contributing to the revival of these nostalgic looks [[1]].

Antenna Bangs

Antenna bangs are a sleeker take on the iconic hair tendril of the early 2000s. They are thinner than their predecessor and resemble antennas. This trend has been experiencing a resurgence, with celebrities like Bella Hadid and Hailey Bieber sporting antenna bangs on the red carpet. To recreate this look, you can pull out small sections of hair in the front of your face and pull the rest back [[1]].

Barbie Ponytails

Barbie ponytails are inspired by the nostalgic beauty icon, Barbie. This hairstyle adds a twist to a standard high ponytail by featuring curled hair at the end and optional side bangs. It offers an elevated and whimsical take on the classic updo [[1]].

Bubble Braids

Bubble braids are set to make a comeback and have already been spotted on celebrities like Gigi Hadid, Olivia Rodrigo, and Tessa Thompson. This hairstyle is a variation of a ponytail where small sections of hair along the ponytail are secured with elastics to create a "bubble" illusion [[1]].

Butterfly Balayage

Butterfly balayage is a term used to describe brightening specific strands of hair around the face. It involves painting more than just one or two pieces and fully framing the face with highlights and/or a contrasting shade. This technique is similar to the trending "money piece" highlights and adds a vibrant touch to the hair [[1]].

Bedazzled Barrettes

Bedazzled barrettes and vibrant hair clips are making a comeback. These accessories can add a pop of color and sparkle to your hair. Celebrities like Lizzo have been seen wearing oversized glittery barrettes, which can be paired with a simple middle part for a stylish look [[1]].

Chunky Highlights

Chunky highlights were popular during the Y2K era and are making a comeback in 2022. These highlights involve contrasting strands of lighter hair, adding an alternative edge to any hair color. For example, platinum blonde highlights can be added to brunette strands or copper red highlights to a jet-black hair color [[1]].

Clip-In Color

Clip-in color extensions are predicted to rise in popularity this year. These extensions allow for temporary changes in hair color without the commitment of dyeing. They are considered youthful, unapologetic, and fun, embodying the Y2K aesthetic [[1]].

Pastel Pinks

Vibrant pastel shades, such as pale pinks, are anticipated to be a popular trend in 2022. These fun and playful colors serve as a throwback to the dye jobs of celebrities like Kate Moss and Gwen Stefani from the Y2K era [[1]].

Hair Horns

Hair horns are an alternative and edgy trend that is rising in popularity. This look draws inspiration from the half-up hairstyles popular during the Y2K era. The hashtag #hairhorns on TikTok has gained significant views, indicating its growing popularity [[1]].

Zigzag Parts

The iconic zigzag hair part, popularized in the early 2000s, is here to stay. Changing your part to a zigzag can give practically any hairstyle a unique and trendy boost. Celebrities like Bella Hadid have approved this early 2000s look, making it a popular choice for those seeking a nostalgic touch [[1]].

I hope this information helps you understand the concepts mentioned in the article. Let me know if there's anything else I can assist you with!

Why "Antenna Bangs" Are The Y2K Hairstyle You'll See Everywhere This Year (2024)


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