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3 years ago, 2219330


OK PKXD should let you choose which kind of pet you want so that legendary pets take longer to hatch than commons and rares take shorter time to hatch. also I would like for PKXD to give back the take a tour for the house. also I want it to have the take a tour back like you say you wanna house but you don’t know what it what it looks like on the inside but you can’t take a tour of it. also I would like for high school to have activities like not just some chairs. I do like the floating burgers that was a really good job but I think that there should be more activities in the high school like maybe there should be tasks to do in the high school like school work in the high school or a game that would be what I want. PKXD should have more citizens and more houses. It is the best game that I have ever experienced because I’ve had experiences with really bad games like games where there is no social reality and so I like social games like PKXD and play together. there should be vehicles in PKXD and I also have something else to say. crazy run it should have like double the parkour and when you get to the finish line double the money. I would like that and then you win $1000 each time you play crazy run and in the mystery box round when you get to a mystery box it should gives you like a six digit when you get a mystery box round in win first place. and that’s what I want thank you and please take this into consideration thanks.

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4 years ago, let others play

Great game bit some ideas that would make the game really cool

First of its a really good game me and all my friends got hooked up on it but i have a couple of suggestions that would make the game even better so now we can send of pets that we don't want but it would be cool if we can trade them to so that way people can get their dream pet i would also like if you could put some more pets like some pets that do not exist in the real world also if we could sell our furniture that we don't want i am sorry if this is a-lot😞 also it would be nice to have some more houses and jobs their are a-lot of houses that are to expensive so it would be nice if you could lower the price on the houses also if you could give other people gems and coins and you could also make a family and what i mean by that is if you tap on them it would say invite to family and you would invite them for the jobs it would be nice if you could pick what you want to do for the pizza job like sending the pizzas away or make the pizzas and for the fruit job also please make some more jobs there is only 2so it would be nice to have more it would be nice if you can change into a baby so people would adopt you also have like a park and a toy store and a baby store again sorry this is a-lot 1 more idea it would be amazing if you could separately buy fly potions and ride potions pls add some of these to the game to make the game better

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2 years ago, pixe Girl

My PKXD suggestions. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

I love the game it’s honestly really fun there should be like vehicles but not as much as they are at the moment people struggle with it sometimes and it will probably get stressed out a bit there should be more games in the arcade I think you should be able to trade in money for the green gems and lower down the prices for coins you should do tasks to get cool or pets able to makes different species and so it can be fun and make like a fish horse or like octopus or koala or a panda or a sloth. Maybe you should get a new Island with a building but you can make newFurniture or a new house but I have to spend 60 Thousand to make my new house and on lake Valentine’s Day have a little update for that that will only last one week. But I do like PKXD a lot. Also you should be able to save as many characters as you want.I also think you should be able to lock your house I like to play games by myself in my house and I don’t like it when people interrupt and sometimes they can get awfully annoying. Are used to love the game but now I’m not really interested why because it made me restart over on everything so are used to have nice stuff but now I don’t have it I have a new character and everything and I can’t figure out how to get it back. I think you should make the playground bigger because there’s not a lot of space. And I really think you should lower the prices on stuff

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10 months ago, laylaruiz

Trading + gifting people + having your own shop!

Creators of play together I have some things I think many people would enjoy the game and prob have fun with#1. Trading would be fun just in case there was an event that u missed and u wanted a item from it u would be able to trade for it.#2.Gifting someone items that are unwanted lots of peeps don't gift mainly because there are very few options so I would love if there is a option to gift an item u ur self has.#3 Having ur own shop I would love if u can have a shop and sell items that would make some more ways to get some currency and at least the shop could 30 gems since gems are kinda hard and boring and expensive to work for so make the achievements easier or make them give more gems I think everyone would love it more people will play and nobody will too stumped on trying to get gems also make some missions give u more like the police mission where u find the missing item it's a little to hard for me and fam make another mission make it where u have a theme and u are challenged to make a home out of it if u matched the theme u win stars money it would be a lot of fun! I hope u make these things come true if not all of them at least a few thank u for reading my review, I love the game itself but I think this would make the game more fun thank u again let me know if u want this message more detailed thank u and have a good day!

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4 years ago, ILoveMtDoggy

I absolutely love PKXD! Just a few ideas

I’ve had this app for about 5 months and I absolutely adore it! It’s so much fun!! There are a few suggestions though. Ok so to start this off PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get rid of 😘😍❤️! There are young players in this game! Secondly, I think we can all agree there should be different places than the Playground and the Neighborhood. Like maybe a city 🤩?! While we’re on the topic of more locations we NEEEEEEED an airport!! It was be soooo much better! Also, there should be time zones. Minutes instead of hours and seconds instead of minutes. Okay I know loads of people want players to use the school more, but personally the game would be better if you got rid of the high school and replaced it with like maaaaaybe a college??? Where you like keep your house but use a college dorm for like a week and you can only get a job if you go to college. You need to add careers. Like Doctor, Cop, Actor, Life Guard, Pet Caretaker. Also I think it would be cool if you could actually order pizza and the pizza delivery people would see a picture of your house and then deliver it to your house. Okay sorry this is huge but there’s sooo much! How about a pet daycare? Queen/King of the week? Cars Bikes? More types of houses? And lastly the ability to kick specific people out of your house. Thanks for reading (if you read all this) The game would be better if you add these! Then again these are just suggestions. Please join the PKXD community!!

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2 years ago, BoltQueen77 (#655)

PKXD is awesome

So I already wrote a review but I edited it a few times I went to do it again and it was gone! But that’s ok and if your not in the mood for a long one then read this later. So the game LOVE IT!!! A couple things could change tho, Like if your friends are online you could text them like meet me somewhere. or how are you? And PLEASE FIX THE CHAT!!!! Oh my the chat, I get it people would maybe say bad words but blur them out! or same if they say there names like roblox blur it! people are being mean you can report them like I do please take it into consideration!! And about the pets I literally just saw a boy has 3 dogs and is making a new pet I’ve always wanted to do that but it has to be 3 of the exact animal but he has 3 different dog species I just can’t get that to work! Please fix this. But there are a couple of things that I also want to share like there are only 3 jobs pizza plaza delivery, fruit collector, or donut maker and well I guess there’s only 2 now cuz you got rid of the donut shop ☹️ that was my happy place!!!! And if you could like sign up for a job or something that you could do like scooping ice cream or making the pizzas so many other things as well and you could get paid more if you do your job or if you get warnings like your gonna be late for school you could get that maybe like twice a week? Oh my gosh I’m so so sorry that is a lot I’m sorry I’m sorry I’ll go my mom just called me for dinner anyway please consider BYE!!!👋🏻😜

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2 years ago, 🦄the best

Could be better… but still pretty good

Ok first of all great game and great job. It’s really addicting when you are just starting trying to get a better house, better clothes, and better furniture but the one thing that is for sure is that it’s kinda hard to have fun with the game after you have everything you want in it. The updates are fun and I like that you have regular ones as well, but there is nothing else to do once you have all you want which is why I rarely play or even visit the game and even more if I do it’s only for a minute. So my suggestion is to have weekly tasks that you can do to win prizes so that people will actually be playing your game even more. And also ignore this if it’s already there but even though I love that you put jobs in the game I have not found a way to actually have a profession so can you fix that and also can you make it so that you have to come on the game everyday to do a task for your job and you get payed every time. I think it would be a fun way to get money and to incorporate jobs in. And speaking of jobs please put in some influencer stuff, as of now there are no influencer clothes or gear. And you probably hear this all the time but can you put in different worlds and like an airport to get to them and maybe there could be like jobs at the airport as well like pilot flight attendant or a security guard. Thank you for reading this and I hope you take some of my suggestions into consideration!

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1 year ago, pensivecrow

There are a few things that could be better❤️💜🧡🖤💛🤍💚🤎💙💟

So first off this game is an amazing game!!! now onto my suggestions I think you should lower the price of coins they give you and get more gems. For example, I mean get 200 gems and four coins that make it much more easier so noobs can become pro’s and pro’s can become hackers! and I wish the world was much bigger, kind of like Minecraft where the world doesn’t really end!!! that would be really really really cool and I see that you don’t have so much ideas but just try to think of some cause it be so cool and I bet you’d get five stars after that instead of four but I gave you a five star because I just think you deserve it because he tried your best and that’s all that really matters. And can you make the spaceship house at least at least 10 gems?!?!? I would be so happy and if I could, I’d give you thousands of 🌟 please please please please please please please please get rid of 😍😘❤️ what!?!.!.!?!?!?!? in this game just take away so young players don’t question it. Because then your parents be like oh Mi gah!!!!! can you stop make it so babyish because sometimes I just get bored just because of how babyish it is and looks do you know how you changed the thing when you click on the crown on your phone don’t change it because I like the way it was! really Al I want to say bye!!!😁

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2 years ago, .ghftyfiyffgkg


First of all, your game is amazing! I play a lot and is my most beloved app. But I do have a few suggestions and concerns… let me start with my concern. Ok, so, Take a look at these 2 emoji’s you added to the “phone,”😍&😘. NO! What do you think people will use these for?! Because I don’t see this face used like because something in a store is pretty or to like a house or something- people use it in a… different way… and, I see AT LEAST 2 people using this emoji for the wrong reason. I highly suggest you remove these 2. Ok, now that that’s done, the suggestions and compliments! OK first, you know that high school? It’s never used. I think you should replace that with: a hospital, a pet daycare- (my personal favorite) a restaurant, or just SOMETHING other than a school. Ok, can you make tickets (at the arcade) not have a limit to like how much you can earn in that day? I just don’t really see the point in it. Ok now the complements! Ok first is- I have a parrot in real life, I love her to death-and, YOU ADDED PET BIRDS! YEESSSS! I so happy ☺️. Ok next is-the detail, you have a lot of detail in this game and it makes cooler! And finally, your creativity, I can’t list all the things that you have done to your game that are mind blowing creative. Keep coming up with ideas and I HOPE YOU READ THIS CAUSE IT TOOK ME A LONG TIME! AND THIS TIME COULD HAVE BEEN USED TO PLAY PKXD!!! Lol have a good day 🙂

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3 years ago, caide bug

good but not fun after.

OK so this I love this game it is very addicting but like another person said I can agree to them because once you get everything you want well it’s not really fun anymore and there’s really no reason to play it when you have everything you want and I like all the updates and stuff but the arcade and stuff it’s not very fun when you play all the games more than one time but I also really would like to work on the prices on these packs and new things because they’re very expensive and I don’t appreciate that and I would really like for you guys and girls to work on the prices because it’s really too expensive and please can you please work on the prices because it’s too expensive but let’s get to another topic like I said it’s not very fun when you what’s the word when you get everything you want in your house is all good and well and stuff and I get where you’re coming from when you made the game but really I would like you to put more fun things in there please if you would and the school it’s not much of a school I mean it’s just three or four rooms but otherwise this game is a very fun addicting game I love this game but also I barely check on the game but anyways like I said I love this game it’s a very addicting game I think it’s pretty fun I haven’t got everything I wanted yet because it’s really hard to earn money in the game but yeah I love this game is very fun and addictive.

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2 years ago, A u r e l l a

Fantastic Game! But a couple suggestions…

Ok so firstly, THIS IS AN AMAZING GAME!!! Y’all are legends whoever created this game, but not to put so much pressure on you, and not to do every single thing in this recommendation list- but I would appreciate if you at least did 1 of these things, like: 1: Location: There are very few locations like the neighborhood and the playground which are very detailed but I would really love it if you would add many more places, like the pet salon maybe, Where your pets could get a makeover! Or a place where you can choose your career options like to be a doctor, firefighter, YouTuber, and more! It would be really cool to have that!! 2: Sales: So what I mean by sales is that when you buy stuff to decorate in your house, and don’t need it anymore, it should be nice that you could sell it! It can help you to improve to save money too, while you can still look like your not getting scammed by the game- if you know what I mean-… 3: Pets: Now for the pets, It would be really nice if we could have fun, new accessories for the pets, for example, a collar maybe? Or a bow on the head (for a girl pet obviously)? We should even have more food options for them like a bone, meat, or plants! That would be way more fun and interesting to take care of your pet! Anyways that’s all! ( sorry if it’s so long ) And Thank you!! 😚😋🤩

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1 year ago, Tess Tessie!

PKXD is good but…

There are so many things that are good in PKXD. But there are some things that I don’t like. So may be you fix those : 1.Those heart emoji’s like these ones 😘😍❤️🥰 I don’t really like them because I’m kind of young and I don’t like people doing them to me when they’re older☹️2. The updates are really good but there’s some updates that I don’t like.😐😐like that Halloween update I didn’t have much time to play it because it was so short .😡So can you stop updating like every single day like maybe give a chance cause there’s some thing things in pk xd I wanna have a chance to get to do but the update has already changed😠 3. People are doing some really weird things to me and they’re not being banned from doing it I have only reported on like three or four people on like doing creepy stuff to me but nothing has really happened And so weird stuff still keeps happening to me and also creepy stuff so I’m not saying that you have to ban them or anything but at least stop them from doing it!!😓😖4. I really like PKXD but there’s some like errors and like it keeps on saying lost connection I can’t do stuff if this keeps happening !!!😖so maybe you good fix that?🤔5. There’s not really any restaurants in PKXD maybe you could add a taco shop or a like a burger shop or something? 🌮🍔Other than that it’s a really good game and I really like it!!! thanks for listening!!😊😊😊☺️😊👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

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3 years ago, math test for homeschool


Hello I had this game for almost 2 years and I do have some suggestions, first please please add a lock in the houses so people stop breaking in!! It’s really annoying. Second cars please CARS! At least bikes maybe? Third add jobs! Like you can work in the school, the pet shop the arcade and many more! Also it would be cool if you would add like a thing where you can sell your stuff , like clothes, toys , pets for like gems or coins! And maybe you could add trades! And also add new games, PLEASEEE instead of the duck jump, pet parade, crazy run! Add something new that is way funner! Like a building challenge or pet show contest and more! Also, maybe add doors? Like inside the houses you could add doors that can open and close? And also lights would be good and cute! Also add pet stuff in events, like in Halloween put some pet costumes or in Christmas add Christmas costumes like and elf or Santa or a snowman and much more! Also the school is really empty, try to add more classes, food in the cafeteria and make it like 10 times bigger than how it is! I think that’s gonna make it crowded for sure! Maybe add more seats in the pizza place too, I know no one usually sits and eat there, BUT me and my friends love to! And each of us have to sit in different tables, So maybe add more seats and make things more realistic in the game? And that’s all thx for reading xoxo

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A few suggestions

Hello PKXD, I was thinking maybe you guys can add a few more stuff like a college, a university a apartment oo or a baby store and an adoption center, some playgrounds and maybe you guys can add more words to the chat box, more clothes a sushi càfe or a starbucks one some more restaurants and more mini games Oo or a air ballon that can take you up high to this world above us, a potion store, daycares? A pizza store, or a vehicle shop, a bigger neighborhood, adding outfits on your pet, a camping site for people to go camping or some moutains for hiking, we definitely need an airport & an airplane, a fashion show Place, or some concerts, a huge water fountain, a dentist place & a doctors appointment place, a police officer center/police station, some more dance moves, maybe some aesthetic clothings added, or how you change your name you can’t do a font or emojies, or maybe how you can host partys and try earning like hearts and if you get like alot of hearts you get a heart next to your name, or we could have profile pictures, skateboarding rink, ice skating, a mall,and if we can go fishing, a theater place other then that this game is incredible if your reading this amd you haven’t downloaded PKXD well you need to download it now I recommend it, its an awesome game || please read this PKXD || Made by. Rosee <3

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4 years ago, kennedyrainegrimsley

Why so little but love it still

It’s such a pain to only have one game like this in this game isn’t the best I have a few ideas: it can be small because there’s only two whirls and I for one think that they should add more maybe a hospital world a dentist world a snow world or like or movie world like where you can have movies and stuff have you ever played Toca world there is so much to do in that game I wish it was like that but it isn’t and I would like the PKXD creators to fix that I also wish you could design your own outfits so you could have your own customized outfits and if there wasn’t so much to buy and you could get free cool things like you do not have to buy stuff to get armor in win races because you have to buy gems in order to do that because no one is going to be able to just randomly have for 100 so they could change that I would change my opinion it would be sad if they didn’t do that because everyone Who reads this and agrees will be sad they might even stop playing and then they won’t pay and then you lose more and more and you’ll be out of a job so please fix this problem that you created people who comment and don’t like it is because you don’t actually listen to them you upgrade stuff but that doesn’t make my world do you add stuff but it just takes up room so you create more world and people will be happy so fix the problem that you created and make people 😃 happy to everyone . Ps you never make any thing good

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7 months ago, Izzy douglas

Amazing but we need to edit it a little

I like this game but I hate updating it every so often I have to update it which is the worse it takes time even when you’re sick also you have to buy things with real money to not just fake game money. Also I think the Halloween event it was a little too scary for me I am 10 years old I shouldn’t be scared but I was younger I got scared of Slappy which is a movie from goosebumps but it’s kinda like he pops out I think we should lower the violence and scary level. The houses in this game away too expensive even fake money you have to sign up and it cost money to get everything basically prodigy except I already signed up for that and then I said I didn’t, this game needs Internet which I don’t like some games don’t need Internet because it’s reading but that’s what I don’t really like because the Internet just too hard because your mom or your dad or your sister you have to connect it to one of their phones and then they’re like no connected to this once and then I know and then you have someone else and someone else and someone else and I don’t have any Internet and you only really works at your house with Internet not in the car what if you have a car ride to go somewhere else. Otherwise I think this game is pretty cool I think everyone to try above or nine years old.

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1 year ago, terrence. edoho. edikanba

Legend PKXD

Okay so afterverse,all I wanna say is thanks for making PKXD It is so fun!🤑🤑 please rocket house should be 1000 coins pls if not then 😭😭😭😭 all I have is container and igloo house so please understand thanks for creating PKXD. try to send friend requests through notifications and the limit should be 1234 friends I have 90 something friends and I cannot make any more friends unless I break up some friendships so please fix those things by the way thanks for the hello Kitty burger house I discovered many recipes👨🏻‍🍳👨🏻‍🍳👨🏻‍🍳👨🏻‍🍳 sorry, I want to be a chef when I grow up so that’s why Chef emoji. And also try not to make creators involved in everything because like The new tower update it was only for creators in admins so pls fix these things about PKXD and make more stickers. I like collecting stickers. i’m just saying that you should improve on the game a bit more like add an amusem*nt park and try to fix this world is private. do you need an invitation. how are you can fix it you must send a notification to the other players telling them that another players user name wants to visit their private world. that’s how you can improve PKXD and add more things like a bakery or a Club ok Bye. hope you understand what I’m trying to say. And literally stop making stuff for money cause it’s annoying

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2 years ago, heartycake909

Love game

Dear makers of PK XD, I love your guy’s game but I would like to suggest one thing, maybe there could be a button where you could design your own house, now I’m not saying for free maybe like 2,000 coins or maybe some gems but don’t make it to expensive or make it cost real money, it’s not like I don’t want you guys to have more cash it’s just some people aren’t really rich in the game and some parents won’t let there children let them use there money for a video game so make it something that all people can’t by saving an extra bit of money and it might be a life learning lesson that if work real hard to save money it could be for a great cost, also I think you guys should have gift cards and stuff like for roblox or fortnight but I don’t play either of those games and a lot more people can afford the houses that they want if you don’t like my first idea and my last I thought is maybe you should make more house because even though they are cool there is barley any that cause coins and stuff so maybe you should make some more houses and if you do can you please make more rooms because a lot of the rich houses in the game only have on room and that’s all and if you have the time can you make a Valentine’s Day update and that’s it, From your freind, roseyflower

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2 years ago, Miss in love !

Pretty good though it could be better.

I personally like the game but it could be a lot better! I really like the anniversaries but as I said it can be better like more mini games, free clothes and pet clothes, more jobs, more cheap furniture, new islands and NO updates its just that I would like the game more if there were no updates and you could just go in the game in Halloween and other holidays and not need to update, I actually missed the Halloween and Christmas updates this year cuz I was too lazy to update! I would play the game a lot more if I didn't have to update so if your reading this pls try to make it possible to go in the game, see the updates without updating. PK XD would be more fun with tasks like 10 daily tasks, and Im saying that cuz at first when you download it you play it for like a week but then when you have a house and furniture and of course clothes and a pet and maybe even pet stuff and all the things you want you don’t have anything to do so you explore but then you remember you did explore while getting the stuff cuz you went to different places in PK XD to get them, so you have nothing else to do and you get bored so you leave the game and again PLS make it possible for no updates pls pls pls if you can at least try. Otherwise good game. Btw Roblox is also an amazing game the log in is just a little bit hard (Roblox has updates too but not much like 1 time in 8 months).

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1 year ago, ~{Aestheticxlly qqxx}~

✨ Suggestions! ✨

These are just suggestions! You don’t need to use them it’s just to improve the game, again you don’t need to use any of them if you don’t want to! 1- I wish like we had like a hunger and thirst bar because the machines give us food and then we have nothing to do with it. 2- I kind of want higher amount of gems. Only because we all get like 3 gems for things, I think it should depend on the worth I mean if you had a quest to do the Crazy Run 15 times you should probably get around 5 or 6. 3- Instead of playing games at the arcade, working, role playing, and building I think their should be more activities! Like maybe Jet-Skiing races or a challenge to do with food. 4- Also whenever I am playing with my friends they ask me if I want to help them build and I have to tell them that it is not multiplayer building. Like I wish you are able to give them a budget and they can just start building in YOUR home. 5 (last one!)- Personal confidential center! To help you keep yourself happy while playing PKXD instead of sitting around being bored. Again you don’t have to use any of these ideas if you don’t want to, these are just my suggestions! This is a great game already though I just wanted to make it better. Have a beautiful day! ( or night )

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10 months ago, minecraft carector

PLEASE READ!! (Great game by the way)

Ok, so first, you should be able to write letters to people (like friends) and put them in their mailboxes! Also, you should be able to choose game modes, like a story, where you would have a job, family, and role. The family would not be real people, more like an npc. You would be able to tell them what to do or have them programed into the game. And then free play (like it is now) and survival, where you have to eat, drink and do every day things to survive. vehicles should be a little bit cheaper so more people can get the cool ones! I think a lot of things cost money and there should be less purchases required to get stuff. One more thing, the clothes should be a bit more like clothing an every day person would wear. Not something crazy, but not something boring. The clothes should also have more texture and layers. Like if you selected a shirt, you could put an outerwear on it. You would be able to take it off and out it back on, kind of like the quick access outfit changes. Or you would be able to put small things in you pockets. Also, i read a review, and they had great ideas! Like more places, a city, airport to go to different cities! Just something to think about. Thank you so much if you read this! I hope you take my suggestions and thank you for an amazing game!

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4 years ago, Sgb123456d

I love this game so much!!

I can’t say enough good things about this game! I love dressing up my character, decorating my house, and playing with my pets!! I have only had this game for about a week and it has already become my most favorite game!! I have been looking for a game like this for sooo long!! I introduced it to my brother as well and now we play together all the time! I just have a few things that I think would make the game even better!! First of all, the jobs. I think it would be much more fun to get a job like a doctor, or scientist instead of doing races, and delivering pizzas and fruit. The mini games do get a little old after a while, so I would love to see something new! Second of all, make it so you can say other things. I know this isn’t a great idea because of inappropriate content, but it’s very hard to say what you need to say with the few sentences provided. Maybe at least update your phrases? Third of all, change up the wallpaper and flooring. I think it would be really cute if you added some new wallpaper and flooring to the game! I like the other ones, but I think some new ones would make the game even better! And finally, new islands! I really want some new shops and islands! Maybe like a farmers market, pet park, city, library, and more! I hope you liked these ideas! I love this game so much!!

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3 years ago, Gd gxhhdndhfj udjd


The game is really fun but they should add some jobs like there’s only taking out pizzas and delivering them and then like finding the fruit but it’s really fun and right now and you can either be volts or a flame and you can get some cool stuff by doing like missions like flying or skating but you should whenever you get a pet but you should be able to pick what pet you want I have a bunch of pet pods and I have not had a cat yet and I really want a cat pet podAnd they should make some stuff less expensive because a lot of stuff is expensive and it is kind of hard to get gems but whenever you get a chance sometimes I’m not super expensive like it’s five germs but it’s super fun and I think everyone should play it’s super fun my mom really likes it that I have it because it keeps me really entertain and I like that there’s a bunch of stuff to buy whenever you get a mystery box you get some furniture or like some coins most of the time it’s gonna be coins that you get it but whenever you first get your very first mystery box when your new player becomes of pets so I thought that anytime you’re open when you get a new pet noob so do not expect a pet from every mystery box but this is a really great game and I hope you like it and it is kind of like Roblox but not Roblox💖

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4 months ago, Hobbycorgi

Good game but some other things could be great for pkxd

Hi! So I have played this game for a couple months or is it years? I have no clue but anyway I like the new update, it’s sorta like play together except it’s AI being your, well, you know. So I like that we can have family members in the game but some more details could go great with it. So first can you make it so you can buy more family members without paying real money? It’s just that my parents won’t let me buy stuff till Friday and it takes a long time for it to be Friday so can you make it so it cost game money like money you get in the game like it could cost like 1k instead of $4.99, next is can you make it so you can say anything, like, I love puppies! It would be great because in other games I get to say whatever I want, well, if I say something that it won’t let me say the word will turn into a * or #. Next one is can you make it so your pkxd family can talk and use emojis? It would be great! Next one is when you make your tell your pkxd family member to bring out a item can you make it so you can tell them when to eat,drink, or use it? Next one is when I give a family member a potion and when he drinks it nothing happens to him, so can you make it so when a family member drinks a potion they get a effect please. Well, I think that’s all for today, bye!

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4 years ago, hatchmial_lover

Plz put what ever u want to say but if they say bad words hatchtag them they look like this —> #

Plz let us say what ever we say it’s annoying why u don’t let me say fonts and other please update it like to this comment read also ok pleaseeeeeeeee I will follow u in twitter if u do ok now do it k but it’s not the end add flowers bushes. And like you know and add planting trees flowers and fruits please make this and also add a lot of surprise boxes and please don’t make the days short make it long I’m working to get Halloween pets and also add a star emoji and a rainbow emoji ghost emoji and a cloud emoji add all of this thank you but also can you really really add wolf pets please please please yeah they are not in the game that’s why you need to add all of this so plssssssssssss I like this game add more pets as fast as you can and also add a zoo and cars and zebras elephants and birds too also add a jungle and make the island big and big I’m trying to make the game good so please do this now now alright cuz yeah and also add a forest and pond and a chair and watermelons and other stuff and also add toys and add a ball pit and also add more games so please do all of this I’m serious all of this okay also add tigers and lions and monkeys and hippos and kites and a shopping mall and a candy shop and so yeah I’m sorry of this comment is very long but please add all of this bye! Hope you do it now!

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4 months ago, Nastolia

Best game more suggestions

Okay first of all PKXD is a GREAT game it’s super addictive. I have some suggestions to make it a better game .when I first started playing it I was like oh couldn’t get any better. Best game I ever played but could use some updates. First you should bring back the clothing shop. I played this game for two years and loved the clothing shop. Second a airport I wish you could travel to different places in the world. It’s kinda hard to collect gems so maybe make it a little bit easier. I wish there could be a restaurant there should be more verities of food and also have someone working at the restaurant. About the gem and coin thing I wish you could open your own shop and design furniture and clothes and sell it for gem and coins. There should be a limit on the prices knowing some people who would put the prices very high. If you could maybe lower the prices on stuff because some things could be expensive. And I would love if you could add jewelry to the clothing options. And I wanted to name my pet teaspoon but it said it was not appropriate for the game everybody knows what a tea spoon is. I think it’s a glitch is this happening to anyone else? Please take this into consideration. Thank you for this super amazing game!

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3 years ago, Girl3646286

Good but some more suggestions

I love the game and I play all the time, but I have suggestions. 1. Can you make a lock and unlock button for your house so no one can enter because the people who enter mine makes it annoying cause it ruins it when random people enter. 2. I would like it if you can add like a button on the phone for ordering pizza boxes you can choose how many pizzas and which types you want and they can deliver it to you in about 5 minutes and if you aren’t home when they deliver a pop up comes on and says “You Have a Delivery Pizza! Come To Your House To Claim It!” And you can enjoy it. 3. Can you add another world other than the neighborhood and playground like a city with music shops and hospitals and police and fire stations and a collage where you can apply to become anything you want. You can add jobs like police, doctor, pet sitter, firefighters, and lifeguards and if you have those jobs there will be a button with a little business bag where you can do your job and earn coins and gems. 4. Can you get rid of the 😘emoji cause when I enter the crazy run at the arcade, some dude walks up to me and does that emoji to me and I make the 😡 one at him. Thats all today, so thank you if you make these features but if you don’t I understand your jobs Mr Or Miss Developers. Thank You For your Time!

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3 years ago, Yullissa Koonce

Fun game but please do remove the 😘😍❤️ emojis

So this game is like so cool 😎 but....... some things you should add. Also More Updates Please. 1. No one really uses the school 🏫 building maybe u can make a another restaurant maybe with tacos 🌮? 2. Please let us make our own chats instead of the ones the game provide as long as there appropriate and not sharing personal information . 3. It would be cool if we can make personal servers for friends only maybe 🤔 and personal message friends on the game. 4. Maybe add a new place or maybe a different world to visit. 5. PLEASEEE add cars 🚗 it would be so fun like the halloween update with the witch broom 🧹. 6. How about add a app on the PKXD phone where u can trade things pleaseeeee at least for Christmas 🎄🥺. I think you should remove the 😘😍❤️cause it gets really annoying and younger kids like me actually play the game PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO ITS SO ANNOYING is see it all the time and it’s not appropriate for kids so please remove those emoji’s cause the game wasn’t meant to be made for online dating and I think anyone who does that should be banned from the game. One last thing. Pleaseeeee make some thing where people can not just walk in your house please make like a doorbell or a way to lock your house something. Otherwise really fun 🤩 game I recommend playing it 👍🏽 Too, PKXD creators.

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2 years ago, LT22

Fun game, small Glitch

So, I just want to say I that I LOVE this game. It is very addictive and fun! There are a few things that I want to mention though. The first thing is that I really need an update sooner. It is fun but after challenges are done there’s nothing left to do. The second thing is that everything is very expensive and I wish that there were easier ways to get coins. I don’t like that some stuff costs real money. The coins are too scarce. The third thing is that gems, as well, are very very hard to get. They start you with 20 gems and you’re like “meh” and spend it and then only later do you realize how scarce they are. You could get a lot for 20 gems! The final thing is that the bug I mentioned in the title of the review, is, like said, very annoying. The problem is when I go to the juice stand to play the mini game, I get the fruit, come back to the stand, and I watch an ad to get more coins, it crashes my game, I reload, do the same thing, watch ad, then it gives me NO COINS AT ALL. I am really disappointed about that and would like it if that problem was fixed. Other than that, this is one of the best games I have played! Keep up the good work! 😋👍 Edit: Its two years later the bug is gone thank you pkxd ❤️

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7 months ago, pinknblulily

Great game, just some ideas!

Hello creators! I’m here to talk about some ideas me and my friends have had. #1: Building your own house. I would LOVE to build my own house without owning a game, as it would be lots of fun. Plus, it would be nicer if it costs coins. #2: Leveling. Levels take A LOT of time, and it gets annoying. Some quests are harder than others, and it would make more sense to add some easier ones, as I’m on level 19 and cant get past. #3: Pricing. If I want to spend around $9.99, its hard to find anything decent to buy. Its super annoying. #4: Flyable pets. I would LOVE to fly around on a pet, possibly a unicorn. I think many people would love to. #5: Keys in the pet store. Younger children may not know what the difference is between: Rideable at level 5 and mutate rideable. I also sometimes struggle from this, but it would be nice to have a key in the pet store. #6: Trading pets/backpack items. I think you should add the trading feature, as it would be quite cool. Although this could unlock scams, you could add a “Scam Report” item. You may need a new building, or you could use the school. Thanks for reading, sorry this was such a long review! *P.S, if you add buildable houses, I 100% would buy coins on here more often!*

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4 years ago, play play what

Please read hole thing

I really really love this game but sometimes I go side ways and can you add more to the game like you can make a hospital so like if you fall and injure yourself you can go to the hospital next pls remove 😍😘 there are young people in this game to also pls add cars me and my sisters hands get so tiered can you add more actions to the pets like you can ride them for free and please add video games so all you need is a controller and can you please add state bords oh a please add locks 🔒 also please can we have patios in the back of our house also add new world’s can we also invite people to party’s at our house oh and how about planes so you can travel to like China also can we have calinders and bugs also can we have seasons not just night and day also at the back of our house can we have a play set so we can play and party also can we adopt a kid and also turn the high school into a college and make a football game for boys because my brother plays this game to also it’s so expensive so cut it down a little bit also it’s like Roblox also can we have toys for our pets can we really go to sleep and can we relax in our bed? Also please can we have an update please please can we make stuff to like drawings and can we have new clothes please

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1 year ago, Kiayah543

Some bugs

I really like the game but they’re are a few bugs I hope can be fixed. For example when you put a hat on you can see the hair sticking out in the back and the hat really isn’t on your head in the back. Also sometimes when you ride your bike people can’t get on your bike if it’s a two seater and they randomly get kicked off it. Another glitch is sometimes you can get online and your friends will be able to see you but you can’t see them. Another thing is after awhile the game doesn’t send out notifications for when your friends are online out of game and in-game. I love the game but I don’t like that when you play the Juice Stand game other people can collect the fruit even if they aren’t actually playing the game. And there should be more outfit slots. Or when you randomly get kicked out for no reason. I really like the game but these bugs make the game unfun. Also STOP MAKING THE RED V.S BLUE EVENT RIGGED. It’s not fun that no matter what only a certain team will win even if the other team works hard. It should be fair and square even if one team wins multiple times in a row over the years. I really love that event so i was really sad when i found out it was rigged. So i hope something done about this problem or I will have to delete this game.

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1 year ago, breana grainger 112233👍


You seriously need to lower the prices because not everyone is rich 🤑 in real money so make more of the stuff that cost real money into stuff that costs coins because I am going to tell you this much…I am about to delete this game because it lags and everything costs real money it’s really annoying! Also can you add a request pick up player when they are a baby because we need baby carriers and the “pick up” emote that Roblox has because right now Roblox is like ten times better because they have that emote! Also since you have the suits that you buy for gems PLZ PLZ I BEG you turn the gems into money where you can buy some of them for COINS INSTEAD! PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ!!!!! Next, you should be able to hold a baby that is not a player and be able to store it in you backpack 🎒 it would be AWESOME 👏👍😆🤣😍 if you did that I would tell EVERYONE about it because me and my 4 friends play together on one big FaceTime and we talk about this a LOT and you should make it so you can pick if you are a teenager adult toddler or like an actual baby that would be FANTASTIC!! You do you PK XD but take the advise or me and my friend and their friends are deleting this game (adults should be taller that this)

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4 years ago, Feaowna

Awesome!! Just some updates.

Ok to start, this game is amazing and I think people should know about this game. Ok now to changes that I think will go good with this game, 1: I think you should let people actually teleport to their exact location, cause I am like “where are you LOL” 2: Can you add more options with your pet, for example , Play with your pet on pet mini games to earn gems, send your pet home, and maybe can you add like pet food bowls, or like pet furniture for your pets to sleep or do stuff on? That would make this awesome 😎. And can we use gems to level up like 1 or 2 gems for it? And can you get rid of the 😘face? Cause like what are you gonna do with it? Kiss your furniture, and by the way. Can you add more clothes, faces, backpacks, and glasses? Because I am running out of it, and there’s not much, back to the good stuff. It’s a great game, and I love it everyone who reads this, check it out I highly recommend this. It’s amazing love the music for the dances. I dance all the time, and it’s just amazing because it’s kinda like real life! Work to get money. Get your own house. And there’s like pizza, and ice cream. And with the oven you cook it and like I used to eat them raw because I didn’t know it was funny. And again love this game, and highly recommend it!

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9 months ago, JMHVDK3

Just a few suggestions

1 we should like have more friend space then 100 beacause I keep hitting that limit so I always have to delete a friend. 2. Why is the space pack 1000 gems it’s only the space house and the 2 s Astronaut suits. 3 you should remove the words noob and ugly I see people getting offended and 4 when I report someone they stay so that means we keep gett bullied 5 there should be a lock or a kick out button beacause When I’m playing with my friends another person comes and I’m a pkxd YouTuber and I’m not a creator but whenever I’m role playing I have to edit my house to get them out and 6 like when you go in school there should be buttons that say preschool elementary high school and you pick.7 I really wish that you can trade pets and things beacause my friend has a dragon I really really like and my friend likes my candy unicorn and we wish we could trade.8 I would really appreciate if in the ladybug and catnoir update we could be ladybug and catnoir and fight supervillains. 9 please 🙏🏼 add more jobs there are only two and I wish you put a job where you can be a teacher or maybe a game to find stuff. Anyways i love doing role playing and playing pkxd Minnie games byeeeeee!

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1 year ago, 😆😆😆😆😆😆😶‍🌫️😐😐😐

This game is outstanding! ✨🤩

I am in love with PKXD, it has great graphics, fun mini games, and a lot of cool things to do. But there is one problem.. the prices are a bit high. It’s sometimes difficult to earn coins or gems in PKXD, and then the prices are extremely high.. it take a long time to earn enough gems or coins to get the items that you want. I don’t really like how high the prices are.. another thing, once you join PKXD it will tell you, “you’ve got a game bonus!” I love that idea, But the only way I can get gems and coins is from that game bonus.. I don’t buy the premium stuff, it’s a waste of my money. Why do you creators of PKXD make it so that you only get that bonus for a certain amount of time each day? I think more people would enjoy it if you creators were to make the bonus last as long as the play would like.. one more thing. All the updates are crazy cool, but they are starting to get a bit boring.. I think you guys should make better cooler updates. those are my suggestions to make PKXD better, overall it’s a pretty cool game. I play for like 6 hours straight 🤣 Thank you for listening to my opinion, hope you can change a couple things bye!!

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2 years ago, adave 99


I love, love, love PKXD soooo much it has a high school, an arcade, Hair salon, pizza u.f.o, stage, pet shop, and more! I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a good game to play. Please read my ideas. So,first I want like everyone starts out with a junky old car 🚗 and you can like go to car lots to buy a nicer car until you get a “hovercar” and I wish gems were easier to get, I’ve read some of the reviews and noticed they want like an airport,cars,a pizza delivery app, and like a house tour,I also want all of those really badly it would make the game so much more fun! Please!!! And also like a hotel, jobs, elementary and college, and like a grocery store, and a bus and bus stop,and last but not least, a bigger city and school has a sing up board where you can sing up at a certain age of the player to be like a teacher, principal, janitor, cafeteria worker,etc. and when you download the app you are just born you have parents and siblings and you are required to go to school and as you grow older you go to school and the assigned teacher will make a schedule and follow it. No One can take the teacher’s position unless he/she retires. And also they have to obey the teacher immediately.

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3 years ago, Reniko J.

it’s ok! I like it.

Get rid of the words “I love...” and “hat” because hat people mean in the word “hate”. I hate animal jam much more than I hate this app, not that I hate hate hate this app, I hate it a little bit! I also want a fish outfit set, for 280 gems? Or buy for 3.99$?? Because I absolutely love fish! Also add trading and get rid of 😘😍♥️because the people on here online date, as I said because of “I love...” also. Also maybe add the words, “gtg, artistic” and also get rid of “hahaha, hehehe” <— these two words for one can lead to bullies laughing, also can lead to creeps because of “hehehe”, and I keep suspecting you have “ugly! Noob!” In there to make people get banned. I can’t believe you did that, also, add a lock option for igloo and the other houses! Also, add a goat pet if you haven’t already please. And make a hospital!! And a vet, and more jobs, maybe work at vet for 100$ when you finish, and the vet does pet check ups! Also make a Kirropi and Badtz-Maru house! I am a Sanrio fan!!! I love anime! Also make an art game to make art and sell it to people? Last thing is make a pet station for you to experience the life of your own pet! Bye! THANK YOU FOR READING AND IF YOU ARE READING THESE WORDS AFTER “bye!” YOU ARE COOL

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3 years ago, Sullythedog2


I wanted this game so bad because I am not allowed to have roblox anymore. This game is like roblox and so much fun! But there are a few things that I would add 1. More roll playing areas like water parks and amusem*nt parks, and maybe even a actual playground with swings and slides 2. Locks on doors, this one person kept coming into my house during a role play with my friend so my friend had to get out of the house, and I had to hit the edit button but she just kept coming in, it would be so much easier if there was a lock button or a button where only your friend s could come in. 3. Cars just so you could get around faster 4. More mini games I have played Crazy run and pet parade a lot and sometimes I with there was more mini games to play. 5. I hope that maybe there could be a store where you could buy food and then it would put it in your fridge so you could actually look in your fridge. And a clothes store where you could buy clothes and then you could actually use your dresser/closet. Thanks you so much for reading and I hope to maybe see some of these things added :). From your humble neighbor in Pk XD -CheeKat

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3 years ago, sakura_magica11211

I seen something right NOW TODAY.

I really don’t like it when people online date there was to girls ok they were putting star emojis at first so I left it alone maybe they wanted to be friends but then a couple seconds later they were close to each other face-to-face and putting kissing emojis and the emojis come with sounds. Putting heart eye emojis, kissing emojis. These two are just waaayy to sexual because only girls date boys but making it wayy inappropriate and sexual by kissing a girl. Then one of the girls I guess said “Let’s go to your house?” And I guess they went and continued to kiss. I immediately left the game went to the App Store, searched PK XD and wrote this review. That’s why there’s a lot of kids pretending to be teens or adults pretending they have a husband and pretend to cheat. There’s an lot of sexuality in this game, a lot of child predators, online daters, and sexuality. I think this game is not for kids. This is how the girls were going: 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩. In the school map. Literally I said it clear and it is THE TRUTH. That’s why, I prefer Roblox more. On roblox, there’s less child predators, less online daters, more kid friendly, and safe. More of a building platform on roblox and PK XD is more of a social game. See the compares. It’s diffrent games from each other. I love the update that you can ice skate ⛸ ⛸ anyway, cya

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4 years ago, sama chintawar

I love this game!❤️😄🤩plz make the update I wrote down🥺

This game is my dream come true!😄I always wanted to have a game which has things like adopting a pet and chating with friends ,dressing up and etc❤️😁 .first my favorite game was Roblox but when I discovered this game, instantly this became my favorite game! And i loved the updates that they give and it is so tempting for the next updates that comes!❤️❤️i want everyone to download this game because it is amazing🤩! I just want the next update to be you can chat anything ,I am happy that there is so many options to choose from but sometimes I can’t say what i want to say that’s why I only talk to my friends who I have the number of and I use my mother’s phone so sometimes my mother needs her phone so than I can’t chat 😔😭I really wish that you can keep an airport so if we go in it we can sit and travel to which ever land so that we don’t need to teleport to only 1 land and it will not be finished without a collage ! You can keep the collage in a another land and than you can have dorms and you have to go there every day and after a while in a another land you can keep different types of jobs! I know I am asking for too much but plz make it true!🤩🥺

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3 years ago, piano tiles 3 lover

Follow who you follow

First off the reason I put four stars is because It’s mostly good and PKXD should have a offline mode like next to the play button there should be a button called offline mode that way you can play without WiFi and people that you follow and/or follow you should be able to teleport to your/their worlds that they are at that way it is like there is paperazzi and that way it is like you have fans and you should be able to lock your house that way you don’t have trespassing and when your in your house their should be a party button that way people know how to get to your house and party with you well that is all Play Kids please read this plsssssss. Plus you should sometimes get sick and it turns you green and it cost 1000 gold to get rid of the sickness and people can donate money and you can heal naturally but it Takes a real life day or two depending on the sickness and you can not leave your house until you get halfway better and you can click the sick button next to the party button next to the door so people know you’re sick and can help you and when they come in your house when you are sick 🤒 it gives them a doctors mask 😷 and they can help you get better

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1 year ago, hivinvdbuvdbuvd

read this before downloading❌⚠️

Hi my name is leah I’m 17 so I played PKXD for 2 days and soon my screen started glitching and after a few minutes or hours my apps started glitching and kicking me out it never does that almost all of them didn’t work I was lagging hard and I had the latest phone to so it’s not the problem please don’t download the game is glitching and it’s literally killing my phone I’m serious don’t download it even takes space of your storage it had to delete it and how much money I spend on this game all I bought in the store is just a waste ridiculous please listen to me don’t risk something like this if you want to kill your phone and I even saw more people saying the same thing on my instagram I posted about it and people said “I agree the SAME thing happened to me games rigged first steals your money and glitch’s like this is just dum and even costumer service never works I’d get lucky if they would answer me” and more and more people starting commenting the same thing so everyone that’s reading this please don’t download it for your safety of your data, storage, information, and private address DONT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME.

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2 years ago, A.L.L.E.G.R.A

It is addictive

When I first got this app my sister got so addicted to it it is just like Roblox not like Roblox is bad but I think this is better but I think they could work on it a little I love all the apps I wish I could give it more stars but I don’t think I can when it’s too addictive butI’m glad I’m saying something to that other people don’t get too addicted to it I’ll tell you my story I was first getting this app and my sister said oh can I get so l said yes it was very fun at first but the next dayShe was on it pretty much the whole day I feel like more older kids don’t really get too much addicted to it I feel like they should make it like probably make it9 up maybe even like 10 and up oh I love the idea of it but I feel like it would be better if it should be for a more higher age I hope this will help you make a decision of if you would like to get it but for me I think I’m gonna keep it because it still is a really good app just for a little kids I think you should get it andSome more suggestions are I didn’t like how you can talk to other people I did notice that you can send a warning if something happens but I just don’t feel like that’s enough I also think I I just hope you can write back and well do something about this thank you for your time

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1 year ago, Iluvpkxd

Best game ever!!

First of all, this game is so much fun and I play it with all my friends. I love the updates and think they are so fun, and I wouldn’t change a thing, but I would add some stuff. I think they should have better cloths, more furniture items, and I would love to see new house. I like swimming in Pk Xd and was thinking it would be so cool if they made a swimming suit that you can wear and you will swim faster. I love how I earn money when I finish tasks on my watch but I hate it when I finish them and have to wait for more so it would be cool to finish and then automatically have more. I also love how I can go on my phone and look at stuff and change my outfit but it would be so fun if they had something like apps and games you can play, like adding a way to play Pk Xd runner by just clicking the app on your phone. I also love how now there are vehicles but they are expensive and I don’t like how random people can just hop into my car. They should add something that when I have a party your friends get an invitation and that way random people don’t walk around in your house. Over all this game is so fun and I enjoy playing it, it just needs more.

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2 years ago, all lower case

Great game I love it! Highly recommend

Hey guys I love PKXD I had made a bunch of friends while playing PKXD. In PKXD you have a house and you can get pets you can chat with friends but you can only say what the game has built into the app you can’t say bad words or anything inappropriate. They also have a arcade that has a game called Crazy run and pet parade and like this snow ball target game it’s fun! They also have in the world a pizza shop,a hair place,clothes store, car shop , and many other things. If you need a friend in PKXD you can friend me the way you can friend me is you go to your phone in the game and tap the friend button and tap the search button and my name is brooklynsame and in the spot that says pin mine is 908! To find your pin you go to the phone and tap the settings button and then it will say your name and a number under it so that’s how you can find your pin to be able to tell your friends how to find you in the game. I hope you like PKXD. If you wandered what does PKXD stand for it means play-P kids-K XD is a laughing face if you turn XD sideways it says hahahahahahahahahhahahahahha. I hope you like PKXD I loved it the second I got it so good luck 😀

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3 years ago, mmhcoyrdkytchtchkfckfffktf

This game delivers

Yeah whoever is reading this this game delivers everything the video shows in the picture shows it is in that game it does have a little bit of issues but other than that it is amazing just a couple of ideas make more places for people to visit and go in second let people say what they wanna say oh that’s one thing I don’t like about games so they don’t let people see what they want to say and it’s kind of annoying and frustrating because any time they will say oh how do you get pets and oh how do you do this and that it won’t allow you to say it because it’s not in the system so yeah so other than that this game is amazing and I love it in yet again this game delivers this is a brand new game and I kept trying to ignore it because I thought it was the operation of Roblox It kind it is but it also isn’t because in my opinion this is a little bit better than Roblox so but I do love Roblox Roblox is amazing but yeah this game is amazing it delivers and it gives what it shows not like any other games like usually it’s click bait and stuff so I don’t expect you to read all of this but congratulations to this game absolutely love it

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4 years ago, Roya yawar

Cool but i have some update options

Hi I like this game im thankful for it some update options came to my head can u make the pets have shadows and hair move and wind also people can be a baby and people have needs if u turn it on in ur phone settings Also can there be bots like if ur in school can there be a bot teacher and he asks u questions and math problems i dont only want 3 questions and if there are students there are and if some students arent there in school can u put bots and bullies some times and we can also do tests and homework and so ur not late to school can a note come in ur screen and say school starting so you know what time since we dont know the time remove the 😍🥰😘♥️ some kids might be playing also in the phone can u text ur friends and they can text you back also make a normal chat not only can say sertain things since that’s sorta boring to people whos saying love things in the text and the chat make it tags cause thats not good with me but if u dont mind u can do that also please add cars and random cars with bots go around the street so you have to look both ways and thats all i want overall PKXD is a fun game! Thank you for creating it PKXD Community! Bye till next time!

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1 year ago, patheticgame2202

Not as good as adventure academy

Adventure academy is a game where you can learn not just where you can run around uncomfortable feeling because if you could just run around all day what would you be learning? Yeah I mean PKXD is amazing but adventure Cammies a little more amazing, so why can’t you have stuff like books, and a shop we can buy clothes in accessories not just not just you go on your phone and you find clothes in your Byam like you go to a store and change your clothes every day like a ballerina costume, crowns and jewelry and stuff like adventure academy, is amazing and you’re like well that’s amazing as adventure academy cause of a because adventure time is amazing. They have shops where you can buy furniture shops know just where are you? I’m making your house and you can buy furniture because you’re being it doesn’t have that much fun in it you PKXD you’re just like boring I mean I love your characters. I love how you can change them all the time but adventure Academy has that too, so I don’t know what you’re doing but thank you for listening to my review, but one more thing and adventure academy is from ABC mouse. It’s amazing it’s a game from ABC mouse but it’s amazing. thank you for listening by.😾🐱

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2 years ago, pupy club🐶

Not trying to complain

I am the same person who said things like people being able to kiss other people. Normally I am a very fun and happy person but I don’t think it so ok for kids to be seeing stuff like this. Little kid may not notice but If a little girls is playing and a boy asks her to come to his house and for the girls not to know that the boy maybe trying to kiss her in his house. I’ve tried to block a persone before and this was a while ago but it said that I had to list my or they would email me back, if a kid is being harassed or not liking that people are kissing them and the fact that they can’t block a person that easily and having to go through a whole process for the person who was doing stuff to leave or not getting a notification from why the person blocked them. People might not notice this stuff but sometimes I think this is not a good game for little kids. I went through the reviews I couldn’t see that a lot of the reviews where five star reviews and for people not to notice stuff like this. Maybe some kids wouldn’t mind if people are kissing them but for little kids to not want to go on the game because of stuff like this. It is overall a good game but I think it should be a little more safe.

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