How to Unlock Lift and Slam | Star Wars Jedi Survivor|Game8 (2024)

The Lift and Slam ability in Star Wars Jedi Survivor is unlocked in the Yurt Barracks in Koboh Part 3. Read on to learn how to unlock Lift and Slam and how it works!

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  • How to Unlock Lift and Slam
  • Lift Ship out of Tar
  • Slam Yellow Platform
  • Lift and Slam Effects
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How to Unlock Lift and Slam

In the Lower Levels of Yurt Barracks

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You will gain access to Lift and Slam Ability in the lower levels of Yurt Barracks in Koboh part 3. While exploring the Yurt Barracks in Koboh, a cutscene with Ravis will play and a flashback will follow, Lift and Slam is unlocked from then on.

Koboh Part 3 Walkthrough

How to Lift Ship out of Tar

Use Force Lift

Map Location In-Game Location

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How to Unlock Lift and Slam | Star Wars Jedi Survivor|Game8 (3)

Koboh - Gorge's Crash Site

Use force lift the Pit Droid's ship out of the tar and claim a force essence on the ship. Remember to speak to the Pit Droid to recruit it for the Max Capacity achievement.

How to Recruit All Cantina Members

How to Slam Yellow Platform

Use Force Slam

Map Location In-Game Location

How to Unlock Lift and Slam | Star Wars Jedi Survivor|Game8 (4)

How to Unlock Lift and Slam | Star Wars Jedi Survivor|Game8 (5)

Koboh - Derelict Dam

Use Force Slam on the yellow platform to gain access to a puzzle area where you unlock a perk slot. Perk Slots allow you to stack more perks for Cal to gain access to passive abilities or alter some of the game's parameters.

Lift and Slam Effects

Destroy Shielded Turrets

Lift and Slam allows you to destroy mounted turrets with shields instantly. This ability can also be useful against Droidekas and other elite enemies.

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How to Unlock Lift and Slam | Star Wars Jedi Survivor|Game8 (2024)


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