Bee Swarm Simulator codes June 2024 (2024)

May 25, 2024:Will the Roblox Classic event in full force, we’ve had a look around for Bee Swarm Simulator codes to mark it.

What are the active Bee Swarm Simulator codes? Whether you’re in the market for some free items to help you get started farming honey, or you need that extra boost to your bee’s effectiveness at collecting pollen, there’s no quicker way to get your hive started than to redeem a whole bunch of codes. However, it’s not always easy to know where to find ones that work.

So, if you want to give your little pollinators a helping hand, we have many tried and tested active Bee Swarm Simulator codes to redeem that give you valuable free items and boosts. We also have freebies for other popular Roblox games, including Blade Ball codes, Blox Fruits codes, and Murder Mystery 2 codes to help you get ahead.

New Bee Swarm Simulatorcodes

Here are the latestBee Swarm Simulator codes:

  • 2MLikes – Pink Balloons, Marshmallow Bees, Honeyday Event activation
  • SonyXbox – free boosts and rewards
  • WeekExtension – 1x Marshmallow Bee and free boosts.
  • 38217 – 5x free tickets.
  • 10mMembers – free boosts and rewards (requires membership of Bee Swarm Simulator club).
  • 1MLikes – free boosts and rewards(requires membership of Bee Swarm Simulator club).
  • 500mil – 5x Field Dice, 5x Gumdrops, and free boosts.
  • 5Years – free boosts and rewards(requires membership of Bee Swarm Simulator club).
  • Banned – 1x Stubborn Bee Jelly and Spider Field Code buff (30 mins).
  • BeesBuzz123 –1x Cloud Vial, 5x Bitterberries, and 10x Gumdrops.
  • BopMaster – 5x free tickets.
  • Buzz – 5,000x Honey.
  • CarmenSanDiego –1x 7-Pronged Cog and Rose Field Code Buff (30 mins).
  • ClubBean – free boosts and rewards(requires membership of Bee Swarm Simulator club).
  • ClubConverters – 10 Micro-Converters(requires membership of Bee Swarm Simulator club).
  • Cog – 5x free tickets.
  • Connoisseur – 5x free tickets.
  • Crawlers – 5x free tickets.
  • Cubly –1x Bumble Bee Jelly, 10x Bitterberries, 1x Micro-Converter, and Capacity Code boost (one hour).
  • DarzethDoodads – 1x Marshmallow Bee, 1x Tropical Drink, 1x Jelly Beans, 1x Stinger, 3x free tickets, 1x Red Balloon, and free boosts.
  • DemiDecade – free boosts and rewards(requires membership of Bee Swarm Simulator club).
  • Dysentery –1x 7-Pronged Cog and Mushroom Field Code buff (30 mins).
  • GumdropsForScience – 15x Gumdrops.
  • Jumpstart – 1x 7-Pronged Cog and Dandelion Field Code buff (30 mins).
  • Luther – 1x 7-Pronged Cog and Blue Flower Field Code buff (30 mins).
  • Marshmallow –1x Marshmallow Bee and Conversion Boost (1 hour).
  • Millie – 1x 7-Pronged Cog andSunflower Field Code buff (30 mins).
  • Nectar – 5,000x Honey.
  • PlushFriday –1x Marshmallow Bee, 1x Neonberry, and 1x Micro-Converter.
  • Roof – 5x free tickets
  • SecretProfileCode –1x Ant Pass, 1x Shocked Bee Jelly, and activates Oil, Glue, and Enzymes.
  • Sure –2,500 Honey and free boosts.
  • Teespring –1x Marshmallow Bee and free boosts.
  • ThnxCyasToyBox –1x Marshmallow Bee, 1x Smooth Dice, 1x Jelly Beans, 1x Micro-Converter, 1x Cloud Vial, 1x Whirligig, 10x Honeysuckles, 1x Pink Balloon, and free boosts.
  • Troggles – 1x 7-Pronged Cog and Clover Field Code buff (30 mins).
  • WalmartToys –1x Marshmallow Bee, 1x Field Dice, 3x Micro-Converters, and free boosts.
  • Wax – 5,000x Honey and 5x free tickets
  • Wink –5x free tickets, 5,000 Honey, Black Bear Morph, and free boosts.
  • WordFactory – 1x 7-Pronged Cog and Pine Tree ForestCode buff (30 mins).

How to join the Bee Swarm Simulator club

To join the Bee Swarm Simulator club, you must first go to the Bee Swarm Simulator Roblox pageand log into your Roblox account. From here, click the Bee Swarm Simulator Clublink and click Join Group at the top right, which is free. After joining, relaunch Bee Swarm Simulator to use the Honey Dispenser and redeem the exclusive codes.

How to redeemBee Swarm Simulator codes

To redeem any Bee Swarm Simulator codes, you need to do the following:

  • Go to the Roblox website and open Bee Swarm Simulator.
  • Click the Cog icon on the top left of the screen.
  • Enter the promo code and click redeem to enjoy your freebies!

If the code works, you can see what freebies you unlock in the bottom right of your screen. Any boosts will be displayed on the top left of the screen, and you can hover your mouse over the top of them to see how long you have left.

How to find moreBee Swarm Simulatorcodes

The easiest way to find Bee Swarm Simulator codes is to keep checking this guide, as we’ll keep it up to date with all the active redeemable freebies. You can also follow OnettDev on X, formerly known as Twitter, if you want more, though the developer hasn’t posted anything of note in a few months.

And that’s all the current Bee Swarm Simulator codes, but plenty of other freebies are available if you know where to look. Wehave a complete list of activeRoblox promo codesand the bestRoblox music codesif you want to liven things up in all experiences. We also haveup-to-date lists ofAnime Adventures codesand All Star Tower Defense codes if you prefer anime Roblox experiences.

Bee Swarm Simulator codes June 2024 (2024)


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